Blog 3

The human body, just like the entire universe, is made up of the 5 elements: (1) earth, (2) water, (3) fire, (4) air, and (5) space.

How to get connected with these elements in our life to get more healthy & peaceful life

  • Earth

    – Walk on bare feet at least a few minutes a day under the sunlight (sunrise or sunset time is more preferable)
    – You can walk in the Lawn, Beach or on the flour would work too.
    – Use earthen vessels in your routine wherever possible: tea or coffee in an earthen pot (Kullad), make curd in earthen curd pot, Roast Chapati (Roti) in an earthen pan, Use wooden glass/plate/Spoon to eat or cook

  • Water

    – Worship water as it the maximum part of your body.
    – Do not drink water immediately after tapping. Store water in an earthen pot (Matka) & use it on the next day.
    – If possible wrap the earthen pot, do Tilak & then store water

  • Fire

    – Remove the fire of emotions from your mind. The anger, disliking or revenge, etc all should be removed from the mind
    – Practice YOGA, Meditation & other spiritual methods to control fire.

  • Air

    – Our body needs Oxygen or pure air.
    – Practice Pranayama daily for 10 minutes to provide fresh air to your body.
    – If possible practice Pranayama under Nature. Maybe in the garden or on the terrace.

  • Space

    – Space to live, space to respect space to love.
    – Feed the hungry, do some social service, be a volunteer, do some charity to widen your Space
    – Get positive energy & positive thoughts by all these services
    – Be thankful to all in your life who come either as a lesson or as a well-wisher.
    – Start & End your day with Gratitude