Name of food



can cause burn on your skin and cause an upset stomach

How to use it?

They must be boiled or roasted before you eat them.

Cassava (Arbi) – Gluten free

Vegetable leaves and roots are rich in cyanide.

The veggies must be washed, peeled, and cooked (you can steam boil too) before consumption.

Raw Milk

Don’t drink milk straight from the animal. The major risk for deadly diseases including e.coli and listeria.

Boil it before you consume

Microwave Popcorn

It’s not so much the kernels as it is the bags they come in

Buy kernels from the grocery store & cook them in a pressure cooker or any other cooking vessel on the stove


Glycoalkaloids can be found in the leaves, stems, and sprouts of potatoes. Glycoalkaloids can lead to cramping, diarrhea, headaches, etc

Avoid potatoes with greenish touch. Wash them with Saltwater, dry them, peel them off & then use it

Apple seeds

Have cyanide, so throwing back a handful as a snack isn’t smart. Cyanide can cause rapid breathing, seizures, and possibly death.

Apple seeds have a protective coating that prevents cyanide from entering your system if you accidentally eat them. But it’s good to be cautious.

Bitter Almonds

Eating untreated bitter almonds can cause cramps, nausea, and diarrhea.

Sweet almonds are safe to snack on

Star  Fruit

If you have kidney disease, the toxin sticks around and can cause mental confusion, seizures, and death.

If you have kidney disease, it’s best to leave star fruit out of your diet. Normal kidneys can filter out the toxins in this sweet fruit


Beware of certain mushrooms in the wild. Wild mushrooms can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting, dehydration, intense thirst, liver failure, coma, and death.

Not every mushroom is created equal. Crimini mushrooms might make perfect pasta & pizza toppers.


The leaves and stems of the tomato plant to contain Glycoalkaloids which can cause extreme nervousness and stomach upsets.

Steer clear of the leaves and stems before you consume.

Raw Kidney Beans

Raw red kidney beans have the highest concentration of lectins. Lectins are a toxin that can give you a bad stomachache, make you vomit, or give you diarrhea.

Best to soak (5-8 hours) & boil your beans before eating.


Even as little as 1 teaspoon can be toxic to your body because of myristicin, oil that can cause hallucinations, drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, and seizures.

It’s good to add in cooking or baking in minimal amounts.

Raw Bottle Gourd

Drinking raw bottle gourd juice or eating raw bottle gourd is dangerous to health. It could harm the stomach and digestive system, causing ulcers and rarely multi-organ damage.

Advisable to consume cooked bottle gourd. Also, always taste a piece of bottle gourd, if it tastes bitter; please do not consume it at all.

Note: It is always advisable to know the basic things before we eat. i.e right method of cooking, the right cooking vessel, the right season, the right time, the right proportion, the right combination of food, etc. Food is one of the main necessities of our lives. We should know more before we consume. If we know, we can get the highest benefits from our food & live a healthy life.