Prevention is better than cure

The world is facing a Corona pandemic. Alternate Nutrition gives you Home-Hygiene tips to protect against coronavirus.
Protect yourself & the people around you by following good respiratory hygiene & Immunity health from Coronavirus.
Alternate Nutrition suggests – to take steam by nose (with Vicks/ Eucalyptus) every day. Also, do some workout/YOGA & healthy food intact for a stronger immune system.
It is equally suggested to take care of your mental health. Here @Alternate Nutrition, we have several techniques to release your stress, to motivate you & boost up your confidence. Which will again help you fight against this pandemic.

We support “TIKA UTSAV” to fight against CORONA MAHAMARI
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People who take Vaccine  |  Age group: 45-60 years |  Flat 50% off on services  |  Open to ALL
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Let’s fight together & win over COVID_19

Thank You

Alternate Nutrition appreciates COVID HEROES. People who are risking their lives to care for the community by working their butts off during this corona pandemic.
We call them our “True Heroes”. Alternate Nutrition prays for them & their family’s Health & Safety.

Lockdown Memory

The current pandemic has resulted in the loss of predictability, loss of routine, loss of classroom learning, and loss of exposure to space. Alternate Nutrition took an opportunity to create a lasting memory to re-bond with our clients & their kids and tide over their anxiety.

What We Approach

Safety measures

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, collaborative environment You’ll enjoy an innovative & results-oriented culture driven by the FACTS.

Cover nose & mouth
Wash your hands
Avoid close contact
Keep healthy body & mind