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The founder of Alternate Nutrition, Ms. Netri Shah – has not only studied Nutrition but also studied YOGA, Chakra & Healing & Cooking as well. Her way to learn & collect Health tips & Recipes from around the world is exceptional. So, all together Alternate Nutrition comprises Knowledge, Method, Experience & Technology offering consulting services which tremendously help for providing successful service to all the clients. In addition, Netri Shah understands your goals, her coaching skills and counseling style always feel you comfortable to work with.

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Our Mission

Is advancing nutrition through innovative practice.

Our Vision

To find out what is invisible in you

Our History

From the past 8 years, we’re into achieving goals.

Ours is one of the trusted and recognized professional nutrition services that stay at the beck and call of the clients approaching us for assistance. Our expertise can help you with:

  • Food and Nutrition counseling for complete health management.
  • Offering smart recipes that make cooking more streamlined and nutritious.
  • We provide yoga consulting helping clients to learn the latest and improved techniques to improve health and manage chronic disorders.
  • The in-depth knowledge and the passionate approach towards helping people with health and weight management involves a personal touch.
  • Our service is a balance between modern lifestyle & tradition, a rare combination to find.
  • Moreover, Alternate Nutrition believes in maintaining the efficiency of the diet, nutrition, ingredient, cooking method and upgrades skill levels to meet the requirements of the clients.
  • We make our plan unique, easy to follow & result-oriented.

We insist on a striking balance of diet and workout to achieve the objectives of good health irrespective of the lifestyle of the clients. We aim to create a perfect blend of adopting Nature, Ayurveda, and science. Our recommendations are purposeful and goal-driven to help the clients meet their health objectives.

“If you think wellness is expensive than try illness”

How does It Work?

We do not make offer counseling services based on surmises but conduct the necessary investigations about the health of our clients and reviews the past medical records before making the decision.

Leave comfort zone
We believe that every individual is unique so our Plan is. Additionally, we make different Diet Plans by keeping your location, profession & other factors in mind.
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We believe that consuming an appropriate diet is the first step to securing good health
Never give up
We track the health issues of our clients, know their intentions and time, and ask for blood reports before offering counseling services.
Celebrate success
During the service, we stay in touch with the clients, make them feel enthusiastic, and encourage them to complete the full service until they hit the target.
Alternate Nutrition believes in satisfaction of the clients in the end and makes passionate efforts to restore a smile on their faces.