Make Over Plan


Our sp. attention on Big Bulge Beauties

  • So, what if your weight is above 100 kg?  So what if you are so foodie?
  • So, what if you have sweet tooth? So what if you dislike workout?
  • So, what if you have less time to reduce weight?
  • Sometimes due to medicines/accident or any other reasons people may gain weight. Particularly women may get de shape from some part of the body.
  • If you fall in above points then our makeover plan or Slimming center near me works wonder.
  • The Slimming center in Ahmedabad includes – a series of slimming machines, Ayurveda massage, steam, diet plan & personalized YOGA & much more

Weight loss always works on Body & Mind

Reasons to choose Alternate Nutrition

When it comes to weight loss, we call it “It has to be hard so you will never ever forget”. But we always make it easy & convenient for you by our various weight loss techniques at our Slimming center near me.

Here at Alternate Nutrition, we have all the options of your excuse. The only thing is “Are you determined to lose weight & get into shape? If YES, then we are at your service.

Our makeover plans at Slimming centre in Ahmedabad are sspecially designed for Female/Women to figure correction plus speedy & scientifically weight loss

Our Slimming center service is almost 2 hours a day & 3 days a week depending upon the goal & time of the client.

Last but not the least, we at Alternate Nutrition always teaches you how to maintain your weight after service as well

We give you tips to lead a Healthy life style

When Alternate Nutrition Is Here, Have No Fear!

Benefits of make-over plan

  • Short duration for marriage & need to figure correction, can go for this service.
  • Sometimes women who have knee problems & heavyweight can go for this treatment
  • Very Hygienic & peaceful environment make your mind calm
  • You feel rejuvenated & nourished after treatment
  • Join us today at the women’s slimming center in Ahmedabad to feel the difference


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