How often do you set goals & how do you revisit your list? Goal setting should be Genuine, Organized, Achievable & Lifelong.

Goal setting promotes a sense of self – mystery & helps us align our focus. But, on the other side, if you set lofty goals, it does adversely affect your health.

Here is a list of 7 common lofty goals we set in our life

  1. Lose 8-10kg weight in a month
  2. Reunite with an Ex-Spouse/Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  3. Achieve financial freedom @40
  4. Travel a world tour before you turn 50
  5. Buy a “Dream House” without debt
  6. To be famous internationally
  7. Achieve family harmony

5 common side effects of having such lofty goals

  1. It affects your mental health
  2. Impacts on your Physical Health
  3. Impacts on your relationship
  4. Impacts on productivity at work
  5. Impacts on your behaviors, focus 7 confidence as well

3 Simple Steps to Dreaming Big

  1. Get motivated (by reading, traveling, join a group of educated & successful people)
  2. Stay away from negative people
  3. Make your Goal in your daily TO-DO list

Remedies to achieve your Goals

  1. Goals should be scalable & Reachable
  2. List down your Fears & Confront it
  3. Prepare for opposition
  4. Be resistance
  5. Act under an expert (for Weight loss goals – consult Nutritionist)
  6. Reward success
  7. Keep a diary or journal